About Us

Many of New Zealand’s significant economic, environmental and social challenges are directly related to energy.  These include business productivity; grid management; energy insecurity; poor housing; impacts of energy developments; energy efficiency; demand-side management; future transport systems; and an increasing global expectation of a shift to a low carbon economy.  This complex web of inter-related challenges requires a sophisticated, informed and joined up response.  This is best delivered through research and through conversations that are free from limiting commercial or  political interests.

It is in this space, as an independent, informed and trusted facilitator, that NERI operates.  NERI’s purpose is to: Stimulate, inform and facilitate New Zealand’s transition to an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable energy future through multi-stakeholder collaboration and research  informed solutions.

To deliver on this purpose, NERI:

• Facilitates dialogue, debate and collaboration across all energy related stakeholders including government, business, iwi, communities and researchers.

• Promotes a systemic perspective of complex energy related opportunities and threats.

• Functions as New Zealand’s primary knowledge hub for information needed to inform energy choices.

• Acts as an innovative and independent knowledge broker within our national and international networks.