“NERI is doing an excellent job in promoting awareness about critical energy-related issues. This has been achieved through its role as a nonpartisan ‘think tank’ that is connecting researchers with policy makers, community groups and commercial organisations.
The Midas Institute has successfully partnered with NERI on several projects, such as an evaluation of social media technologies to bring research to policy makers and change end-user behaviour.
We wholeheartedly support NERI in its mission and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

Amardeep Sandhu
Chief Executive
The Midas Institute


“The supply of energy, in all its forms, is becoming a critical issue for New Zealand as we strive to maintain our position as a first world nation.With an abundance of renewable, indigenous energy (hydro, geothermal and wind) for security of supply, and hydrocarbons for generating wealth, New Zealand has an enviable position from which to formulate and implement sound, balanced, energy policy.
NERI, through its ability to draw together generation, transmission, conservation and research strands, is playing an invaluable role in creating the inter-disciplinary thinking necessary to make a difference.”     

Alex Malahoff
Chief Executive
GNS Science


“We need to improve New Zealand’s dialogue about energy. NERI will be a big step forward in connecting the policymaking, industry activity, community activism and research that all tend to take place in separate channels.NERI will make a significant contribution in producing independent credible perspectives in a field where they are often hard to come by.”

Prof. Barry Barton
Te Piringa - Faculty of Law
University of Waikato


“Energy drives the world. There is nothing that functions without it; no economy nor society that operates without its availability and accessibility. Research into new sources of energy, effective production and distribution, and efficient utilisation is essential to improving human welfare. NERI's position as the vanguard for energy studies and comment in New Zealand is vital for policy development and informed decision making.”

Prof. Pat Bodger
Chair of Electric Power Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Canterbury

“NERI is breaking down the barriers between research silos and different sectors, as a strong and coherent voice on the important stuff in energy research. As a community organisation heavily engaged in energy issues, we want to express how valuable and essential it is for NERI to develop concentrated power from the plethora of swirling policies and projects.”

Scott Willis
Project Manager
Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust  

"New Zealand is facing major energy-related challenges. NERI brings together a diverse network of researchers, educators and practitioners who are working on all facets of energy - both within the energy industries and the industries and groups serviced by them. NERI also supports and coordinates partners undertaking research and capacity development through postgraduate research."

Prof. Don Cleland
Head of School and Professor of Process Engineering

School of Engineering & Advanced Technology
Massey University