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EVs, Tiwai Point feature in 2015 Electricity Survey Kate Barker - Fri, 17 Apr 2015 Electric vehicles, Tiwai Point and the electricity industry’s public image are key themes in the Annual New Zealand Electricity Survey, launched today. The online survey, created in partnership with ABB and Energy News, is now in its fourth year and attracted...

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In July 2014 Stanford Academic Tony Seba presented on Clean Disruption of Public and Private Transportation to a capacity audience of over 500 in Auckland.  His book "Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation" predicts that conventional cars, as we know them, will be obsolete by 2030 .. as well as the demise of the current oil, nuclear, natural...

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The World Energy Council is delighted to bring you this year’s first World Energy Focus, the monthly magazine from WEC. In this edition, we bring you a cover story on what the sharp plunge of the oil price means; an interview with the Council’s Secretary General Christoph Frei on the soon-to-be-released World Energy Issues Monitor; a timely focus...

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Help get THIN ICE - the Inside Story of Climate Science onto US Public TV - 6 days to go - donate now!

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The Big Ask follows on from Generation Zero's previous report, A Challenge to Our Leaders: Why New Zealand Needs a Clean Energy Plan.  Go to Generation Zero's website here for the full report.

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