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This paper examines the volumes of oil that can and cannot be used up to 2035 during the transition to a low-carbon global energy system using the global energy systems model, TIAM-UCL and the ‘Bottom up Economic and Geological Oil field production model’ (BUEGO).  It concludes:

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The Energy Cultures research project team have now published their report for policymakers.  Click Report to see the full document.

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Pure Advantage, the not-for-profit organisation developing a green growth strategy for New Zealand, has released a significant report entitled ‘’New Zealand’s Position in the Green Race". The report provides an appraisal of New Zealand’s environmental performance across a range of parameters.

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This report describes the OPENZ model of the New Zealand energy supply and demand system and may be of interest to NERI members.  It is now publicly available and can be downloaded at: OPENZ Model Report

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The new report – Less Energy More Growth – offers a comprehensive insight into the Danish energy case describing the growth potential that comes from demanding more from less.  This publication is from the Scandinavian think tank, Monday Morning. Articles include:

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