The World Energy Council is delighted to bring you this year’s first World Energy Focus, the monthly magazine from WEC. In this edition, we bring you a cover story on what the sharp plunge of the oil price means; an interview with the Council’s Secretary General Christoph Frei on the soon-to-be-released World Energy Issues Monitor; a timely focus...

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Help get THIN ICE - the Inside Story of Climate Science onto US Public TV - 6 days to go - donate now!

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The Big Ask follows on from Generation Zero's previous report, A Challenge to Our Leaders: Why New Zealand Needs a Clean Energy Plan.  Go to Generation Zero's website here for the full report.

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To read this newly released report from Generation Zero please see:  

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Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges announced the forum members at the Energy Conference in Wellington on 20th March (see: for the full speech). The forum’s first two meetings will be held on 3 April and 6 May.

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