The IEAGHG is pleased to announce the 8th International Summer School 6th-12th July 2014, this year the hosts are The University of Texas at Austin and the event will be held in Austin, Texas.The event is a week long course, covering all aspects of the CCS chain and includes a group work project and site visit. We will be accepting approximately 55-60...

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Call out for NZ’s most exciting energy projects

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Completely revised and updated, Principles of Sustainable Energy Systems, Second Edition presents broad-based coverage of sustainable energy sources and systems. The book is designed as a text for undergraduate seniors and first-year graduate students. It focuses on renewable energy technologies, but also treats current trends such as the expanding...

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For full details of the 2013 BANZ conference please see:

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Two new white papers from the University of Canterbury are now available here and from the NERI Knowledge Centre.  They cover: Smart Grids: Fact or Fiction? ...and...Electric Vehicles in New Zealand: From Passenger to Driver?

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