Are you interested in electric vehicles in New Zealand?  If so, please contact Rob McEwen at the New Zealand Clean Energy Centre (021 728 875).

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The Winter Lights Forum was a fascinating day - not least because of the disruption caused by the Chilean ash cloud to the travel plans of many of the delegates.

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There is a growing urgency for a major transformation of global energy systems, both to limit greenhouse gas emissions and to achieve greater energy security in the face of resource depletions.

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“The challenges we are facing as a nation right now are interrelated with issues of global proportions and have long-term and immediate impacts. These challenges cannot be treated in isolation. Issues related to health and well-being, security of energy, food and water, housing, transport and productivity are all part of that mix.

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NERI and the Energy Federation of New Zealand (EFNZ) are currently exploring opportunities for a closer alliance between the two organisations. An alliance has significant potential for two organisations, which are already working across the energy sector, to combine efforts and achieve an even greater impact. The governance bodies of both...

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