This report on how New Zealand can build better energy innovation capability brings together three previous NERI reports and other material relevant to capability building. The Building Energy Innovation Capacity report assesses New Zealand’s need for innovation in the energy sector, analyses innovation processes and structures, and sets out the...

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NERI Founder and Convener Professor Gerry Carrington was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Energy” award at the 2009 EECA Awards, held at the Sky City Convention Centre last week.

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The Aotearoa Wave And Tidal Energy Association has asked us to let our network know that time is running out for their conference. Please see their message below:

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The Royal Society of NZ has set up a charitable trust, the Rutherford Foundation, to support scholarships and fellowships. One of our co-sponsors is the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, UK.

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NERI has just completed the survey phase of a market research project focusing on University of Canterbury students’ views of energy studies and the energy industry. We wish to thank the students who participated. As an incentive to participate, students were offered the opportunity to enter a prize draw. The 15 winners of $200 grocery, petrol or...

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