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“The challenges we are facing as a nation right now are interrelated with issues of global proportions and have long-term and immediate impacts. These challenges cannot be treated in isolation. Issues related to health and well-being, security of energy, food and water, housing, transport and productivity are all part of that mix.

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NERI and the Energy Federation of New Zealand (EFNZ) are currently exploring opportunities for a closer alliance between the two organisations. An alliance has significant potential for two organisations, which are already working across the energy sector, to combine efforts and achieve an even greater impact. The governance bodies of both...

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The Trustees of NERI are pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Atkins as NERI’s new Chief Executive. Paul has over 30 years experience in international relations, the promotion of science and technology internationally, and the establishment of partnerships across all aspects of the R,S&T sector. He comes to NERI from Izon Science Ltd,...

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NERI’s Capability Map is now available to the public. If you want information about New Zealand’s energy research capability – energy researchers, their publications, and funded research projects, then this is a great place to start your search. Check it out and please let us know what you think.

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We are pleased to announce that NERI is now a Trust and Gerry Carrington and Janet Stephenson have been appointed as the first trustees.

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