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A new discussion paper just released from Emeritus Professor David Bibby, Climate Change Institute, Victoria University of Wellington.  

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A two-day New Zealand Transport Fuels Summit is being held at Auckland's Pullman Hotel on October 29 and 30 this year.

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The Big Ask follows on from Generation Zero's previous report, A Challenge to Our Leaders: Why New Zealand Needs a Clean Energy Plan.  Go to Generation Zero's website here for the full report.

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This paper examines the volumes of oil that can and cannot be used up to 2035 during the transition to a low-carbon global energy system using the global energy systems model, TIAM-UCL and the ‘Bottom up Economic and Geological Oil field production model’ (BUEGO).  It concludes:

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The IEA's Demand Side Management May 2014 newsletter, 'Spotlight', is now available here.

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