New Zealand Biofuels Roadmap Webinar

1pm 15 March 2018
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The Bioenergy Association invites anyone interested in how biofuels could contribute to a sustainable low carbon future to attend this webinar.

New Zealand, if it has the will, could grow its way to a biofuelled transport future.

Biofuels could be a significant part of the solution for reducing New Zealand’s GHG emissions, increasing our energy security, enhancing regional development, and maintaining access to international markets for our goods and services.

Scion’s recent Biofuels Roadmap study was undertaken to inform and stimulate debate on the large-scale production and use of liquid biofuels in New Zealand. Specifically, it sought to understand what a large-scale biofuels industry could look like here, for example: what crops should be grown and where; what conversion technologies should be used; and the key considerations and implications in developing such an industry.

Quantitative scenario modelling, coupled with qualitative analysis, was used to ‘look at the future’ and create scenarios of what large scale production and use of biofuels in New Zealand might look like out to 2050 to identify the lowest cost value chain(s) under these different scenarios. This webinar will overview the results of this study.

Key findings from the study were:

  • Large-scale biofuel production and use within New Zealand can happen
  • Biofuels can be a large, longer-term answer to reducing New Zealand’s carbon emissions, particularly for difficult-to-decarbonise sectors such as aviation, shipping and long-haul road freight
  • Large-scale biofuels opportunities must consider the whole value chain
  • Biofuel production could provide strong regional economic development opportunities
  • Drop-in biofuels from non-food feedstocks, particularly forestry grown on non-arable land, is the most attractive longer-term opportunity
  • Government policy support will be needed to kick-start large-scale biofuel production because market forces alone will not be sufficient

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