Join NERI now and become part of a growing movement to shape New Zealand’s energy future. Becoming a member of NERI has benefits for researchers, organisations, industry and those in government.

Annual, individual and corporate membership options are available, and we encourage everyone with an interest in energy to participate.

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  •     Individual (retired or student)     $46 per year
  •     Individual (employed)    $125 per year
  •     SME (<20 employees)    $3,550 per year
  •     Corporate (20+ employees)  $10,925 per year

Note:  NERI’s individual membership categories apply to energy researchers and those who are not affiliated to nor working within organisations in the Corporate or Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) categories.

All joining fees include GST.

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Benefits for researchers

  •     Joining NERI will benefit you by making your research more visible and available through our searchable Research Capability Map database
  •     brokering contracts between you and research funders in industry and government
  •     helping you collaborate with other energy researchers in New Zealand and internationally
  •     enabling you to contribute to the national debate and future thinking about energy
  •     facilitating networking opportunities by belonging to the national professional energy research organisation.

Benefits for industry and organisations

NERI’s ‘Corporate’ Members come from all areas of the energy sector. They include private sector companies, State-Owned Enterprises, Crown Research Institutes and government departments.

Our Corporate Members are end-users of the research capability held within the broader NERI membership, and benefit from access to an extensive database of research capability and knowledge that can be applied to specific industry and government issues.  Other benefits include NERI’s brokering capability and access to a variety of information-rich events which also offer excellent networking opportunities.

As a Corporate Member, your organisation can make a significant contribution to energy thinking in New Zealand. Joining NERI will also allow you to add your views to the country’s energy debate.

Benefits for New Zealand

You and your company or organisation will contribute to New Zealand’s energy future by joining NERI. To be the effective, sector-leading organisation we aspire to be, we need to build a broad and deep membership of individuals and organisations from right across the sector.  

Future thinking begins with our members. NERI is a forum and you are strongly encouraged to participate in discussions that interest you. Whether you want to present your research, debate it with others, comment on current issues or engage with other thinkers about the world and its future, we welcome your ideas and your contribution.

As NERI grows and develops, we look forward to seeing it take its place as the primary source of information for government and industry, to inform policy decisions in the energy area.

Sustaining members

Our sustaining members are vital to the ongoing success of NERI as the thought-leader of New Zealand’s energy sector and will ensure its long-term growth and development. They play a key role within NERI’s organisational structure in advising and guiding its engagement in national leadership and debate across the whole energy sector.

If you are interested in supporting NERI through Sustaining Membership, or would like more information, please contact us.