Energy research fund and Taranaki energy development centre welcomed

“The Prime Minister’s announcement today of ‘$20 million over four years to establish a new science research fund for cutting edge energy technology’ is welcomed,” said Janet Stephenson, Chair of the National Energy Research Institute (NERI).

“This, in conjunction with the investment in a National New Energy Development centre in Taranaki, will help New Zealand address the significant developments occurring in the energy sector.

“Challenges and opportunities arise from a wide range of factors. These include climate change and the need to increase our use of renewable energy and lower emissions; rapid developments in energy technologies; and changing attitudes and preferences in both our local communities and our international markets.

“Over the last three years NERI has been developing a research strategy to address these issues.   Key priorities are:

  • Demand and fuels for long-haul transport – both national and international;
  • Industrial energy use
  • Better geothermal
  • Renewable electricity
  • Better buildings

“Not only does each have a technology dimension, there are also social, policy and economic dimensions to be considered.” 


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More on NERI Research Strategy:

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