NERI Energy Research Strategy for NZ Launched

Long distance transport one of the biggest issue facing the energy sector

The future of long distance transport, both domestic and international, is one of the biggest medium-term issue facing New Zealand’s energy sector, according to an Energy Research Strategy for New Zealand released today.

The Strategy notes that about half of New Zealand’s energy is used servicing our transport needs and long distance transport uses the biggest share of that.

Given our physically isolation and distances to markets, long distance transport is critical for our trade and travel. But because it is fossil fuel intensive it faces significant risks and unlike electric vehicles for short distance transport there are few simple alternatives.

Our food and tourism export earnings are particularly vulnerable because their offerings are personal to consumers and fossil fuels feature large in their production and delivery.  A negative market reaction to what we produce is a major risk for New Zealand.  Fortunately, there appear to be opportunities to help manage this risk.

This is just one example of the risks and opportunities identified by the Strategy that could benefit from medium-term research.  Alongside transport the other key focus areas are in industrial processing, electricity generation and distribution, and the residential sector.

The Strategy was launched in Wellington by the Hon Dr Megan Woods, Minister of both Science and Innovation and Energy and Resources.  It has been developed by the National Energy Research Institute in association with over 150 energy stakeholders in research organisations, businesses, industry associations, and Government agencies. It is designed to provide a framework for the development of more detailed research programmes.


Download a copy of: Energy Research Strategy for New Zealand: The Key Issues

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